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I’m really happy w/ this one <33

for http://slashchimerawolf.tumblr.com/

finally! I’ve done 5 total today >:”D I’ve pushed my limit and i feel great! MEHAHAa 


Here’s a little update from last nights painting session. 🍄🍄🍄🍻


Lookit that critter! It’s a tiger quoll! I love their fangs.


Here was a little test page I put together rather quickly from a project I’ve been chipping away at.  It’s not as successful as I would have liked but it was nice seeing them all together on a page.  

Watching 3d movie maker video, makes me wish I had that program as a kid.


G R A N D P A   F O U N D   T H E   C A R   K E Y S


So, I decided to make some gif using the Koromaru’s P4U2 sprite which can be found here (all credits goes to brilliantcataclysmrips, thank you for sharing these: i’ll make sure to animate more if you like) 


Afternoon #sketch. #copicart

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